Shipping & Refund Policies – River Park Coffee

Shipping & Refund Policies

Shipping Policy

We are small. Micro in fact. We gather our few orders over the week. We always roast on the weekend and if there is demand we roast mid-week too. Our service is not prompt but it is sincere.

If you live near River Park in Calgary your order may be delivered by a member of River Park Coffee Roasters. Sometimes we even do deliveries by bike. For deliveries farther afield we use Canada Post.

Refund Policy

Oh no! Something did not work out. Something is damaged, didn't meet expectations or was not received.  Let's get this resolved.

Don't send anything back. Contact us first.

You can contact us by filling out this form. Or feel free to send an email directly to with your:

1. name
2. email
3. phone #
4. description of your issue. 


Give us 24 hours to check our records to confirm your original order and then come up with a solution.