Coffee Bean Tips – River Park Coffee

Coffee Bean Tips

1. Use fresh roasted whole bean coffee

Whole bean coffee achieves its peak excellence ~5 days post-roast once some of the gasses created in the roasting process have had a chance to settle. Yes you can drink it earlier and yes you can drink it many weeks after the roast date and yes it will still be delicious.

2. Grind just before use

A coffee bean behaves a lot like an apple. Prior to being cut it remains fresh & tasty for weeks. But as soon as you cut it into tiny pieces it reacts with the air and the flavour degrades.

Grinding your coffee at home opens up a range of brewing options because you can adjust the grind for your chosen brew method.

3. Store coffee in an airtight bag or container

If you must have pre-ground coffee (there is no shame in this) just reseal the bag promptly after each use removing air if convenient and use that opened bag promptly.

For whole bean coffee the same applies. Try to minimize the interaction with air to preserve the flavour.