Well it's official - I'm a micro-roaster. – River Park Coffee

Well it's official - I'm a micro-roaster.

The Beginning:
In the early 90's a university study partner introduced me to espresso based drinks and I was hooked. The time enjoying great coffee in a relaxing environment with good friends was a welcome distraction to studying for statistics.

The Middlle:
Over 30 years I have gone on a journey from simply enjoying a great coffee to improving my barista skills at home using a diverse range and quality of brewing devices. I took my preparation of the perfect coffee seriously..

The End....or Another Beginning
In 2019 I decided to take the next logical(?) step in my coffee journey by roasting my own coffee. A lot of time and effort went in to understanding the academic process of roasting, researching machines and then the purchase of a roaster. A small roaster for sure, one that is geared to roasting many, many personal sized batches of coffee, applying the science and perfecting the craft through repetition.
I gifted the first 100 batches of roasted coffee to anyone willing to drink it. It's a great feeling to learn a new skill, build it into expertise and to be able to share the fruits of one's labour with friends and family.

I'm passionate about the craft of roasting and preparing specialty coffee. It's a pretty incredible feeling hearing about how someone enjoyed coffee I roasted especially for them.